About Director

Shri Narendra Singh Somvanshi, Founder And Director 


Shri Narendra Singh Somvanshi is the beacon of light in the path of success of thousand of students. His vision is to facilitate every potential student to achieve the remarkable success in the field of administrative services. His journey from a small village of Satna to one of the best educator in Indore is inspirational. He has worked relentlessly since years to built an ecosystem of learning and achievements in Narendra Singh Somvanshi Kautilya Academy. In the knowledge city of Indore, which is also the hub of civil services examinations, his contribution as an impactful educator is impeccable.
His dream of becoming an officer remained unfulfilled due to lack of resources but he has achieved his dream through the achievements of his students who are now the part of prestigious positions in administrative services. The guidance of Shri Narendra Singh Somvanshi has been an important part of many success stories throughout the years.

Our Mission

Shri Narendra Singh Somvanshi is consistently working on his mission of providing quality coaching and guidance of experts at accessible and affordable means in his academy.